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Whole Child Initiative

At Valley View, we recognize all students experience challenges, so we strive to equip each student with skills to develop into the best version of themselves.

We recognize that education and health are directly related in determining a student’s success. Foundational building blocks of education show us that before a student can learn key skills such as processing, phonology, or critical thinking strategies they need to have a solid base of an ability to pay attention, self-regulate, control impulses, have a handle on internal and external behavior, and a self-perception of their strengths and weaknesses.

Ohio’s strategic plan for education puts the whole child at the center.



The Valley View Whole Child Team has adopted 5 action steps from input from members of the community through the strategic planning process at Valley View.

These goals are

  1. Quarterly family education/outreach
  2. Student/staff mentorship in each grade
  3. Volunteer development
  4. Quarterly mental health PD
  5. Annual needs assessment for all

Advisory Committee

The Whole Child Advisory Committee meets 3-4 times/year and includes community members, staff, parents all focused on development of Valley View students. If you are interested in joining, please contact Digger Phillips