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Research has shown that all-day kindergarten improves student achievement, as well as social and emotional skills. At Valley View, it is important that, academically, all of our kindergartners have access to the same amount of learning time, putting them on more equal ground when they transition to first grade. All-day kindergarten also allows participating students to access daily specials like art, physical education, music, technology, and more.

2024-2025 Kindergarten Registration Process 

Step One


Registration will be available online at FinalForms beginning March 11, 2024:
Click on the Parent Login if you have an existing FinalForms account. You will be able to +Add Student after you log into your account 
Click on the Parent *New Account if you are setting up your account for the first time. You will set up your account and then begin the online registration.

Step Two


March 11-March 22, 2024 10:00AM-2:00PM
Location: Primary Building, 110 Comstock Street, Germantown 


Please bring the “REQUIRED DOCUMENTS” listed below: 

All required documentation must be brought into the Primary Office in order to complete the registration process.

Required Documentation: 

• Student’s birth certificate 
• Two (2) different proofs of residence such as AES bill, water bill, CenterPoint Energy statement, property tax statement, mortgage or rental agreement) 
• Immunization record 
• Custody papers (If applicable) 
• Parent/Guardian’s Driver License 
• Please also complete and bring the written registration packet. You can download and print using this link:

We strongly encourage families to complete the registration of their kindergarten student as soon as possible to assist in  the proper placement of all students. Students will not be registered until all of the above requirements have been met.  Please contact the office if you have any questions 937-855-6571.



Age Requirements

To enroll in the following year’s kindergarten program, a child must be five years old on or before Aug. 1.

Kindergarten Parent Meeting for 2024-2025