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The Valley View Board of Education welcomes and encourages visits to the school by parents and other adult residents of the district. If special arrangements due to disability are necessary, please contact the building principal for assistance. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the district will make reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities may access Valley View schools and school events. The Board also has an obligation to ensure that school visits are not disruptive to the educational process and student achievement. It is necessary, then, to regulate school visits as follows:

  • Pursuant to Section 3313.20 of the Ohio Revised Code, all visitors to the building are required to be cleared through the principal’s office before contacting any student or staff member. Depending on the nature of the business to be conducted at school, visitors are required to sign in and/or out as determined by the principal. All visitors must wear an identification tag.
  • Persons wishing to visit a class in session need to make arrangements in advance with the school principal. The principal will make every effort to schedule the visit as soon as possible at a time convenient for the visitor and the teacher.
  • The superintendent and/or the building principal has the authority to prevent entry into the school or to remove any person when there is sufficient and good reason to believe the presence of that person is not conducive to the preservation of the peace or the orderly operation of the school.


Any volunteer with unsupervised access to students will be required to pass a criminal background check using a government-issued ID. The cost of the background check is $5.

Volunteers should click on the link to access SecureVolunteer. Once approved you will receive an identification card.

Volunteer Background Check